Microsoft revenue got beat due to remote work

On this Wednesday, Microsoft Corp had beat wall street regarding the expectation of sales and profit. This happened due to demand, and all teams are chatting and doing a meeting online. Xbox gaming service has shifted to playing from home due to coronavirus pandemic.

Company share was more than 12%, in this year, and it has also increased by another 5%.

This result has given by the Chief Executive Satya Nadella, who has studied the six years of the report. He has checked cloud computing, in that companies are taping Microsoft’s data with computing power. This growing business dominated by

In this fourth quarter, Microsoft has given its business unit to forecasts where the result came like they have got the business by predicting tough time for Linkedin and some other software sales.

Nadella told to the investors in one conference call that Microsoft is not immune that it knows the growth of GDP.

Windows operating system sales have given them a good benefit where people are doing work or study at home through the computer. For gaming, only Microsoft has 19 million active users.

Microsoft also said that it gets the revenue from commercial cloud, and it is a combination of various software like Office.

Whatever business, Microsoft is getting investors are thinking to improve it at least they want to make it 67% compare to last year.

The revenue with the Intelligent Cloud segment has risen 27% to $12.28 billion.

Revenue got increase in the third quarter on this 31st March ending.

Net income has increased to $10.75 billion.

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