Mukesh wants to teach our literature to TikTok generation

The famous Television serial shaktimaan’s actor Mukesh Khanna made headlines about Sonakshi Sinha. This famous actor told that starting Ramayan can help this new generation who does not know about this epic. There was a KBC episode where Sonakshi could not be able to answer Ramayan question, so Mukesh Khanna has targeted her, and Sonakshi’s father reacted strongly.

Mukesh told people has taken his comment wrongly. Moreover, he knows Shatrughan Sinha nicely, and he respects him.

He has also mentioned that he is shocked by how the current generation is not aware of it. He was watching a video where one IT student does not know the answer to it.

He also twitted that he feels that it is their duty to provide knowledge about Ramayan in this new generation. They must know their literature, but they are interested more in TikTok and Harry Potter. He has also told that taking Sonakshi’s name was not intentional, by mistake he took.

Nitish Bharadwaj was lashing out the comment and told that even he must react because nowadays, generation has stopped respecting him.

Then Mukesh had replied the current generation does not have in their syllabus this epic, so they do not know. But they do not have a chapter called Harry Potter also, but the young generation knows about it.

Mukesh was also saying that Puneet Issar is trying to promote the play, so he is doing so much of an advertisement about Mahabharat. He feels that Ekta Kapoor’s Mahabharat was her interpretation.

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