Mumbai Tseries office sealed by authorities after one caretaker tests positive for COVID 19

The outrage of Coronavirus has created a scare among all the citizens all over the world. Due to the increase in the number of cases in India, PMNarendra Modi had announced lockdown 3.0 which is till May 17th. So people all across the world are inside their home taking precautions while the govt tries to control the situation. Now Mumbai is one of the most crowded cities in India, as it’s filled with people trying to make their luck in the golden city and Mumbai being still in the red zone, everyone has been urged to stay indoors. 

Recently, as per reports, the T-Series office in Mumbai has been sealed by authorities after one caretaker tests positive for COVID-19.  According to sources, the spokesperson of the T-Series company said that they also came to know about this and immediately took the action. T-Series has followed the lockdown from Day One as law-abiding citizens. There are some in-house security staff and helper who permanently stays in the office and due to the immediate lockdown, they couldn’t travel to their hometown so they continued saying in the office premise. Unfortunately, three of them developed some symptoms and were taken for the test. T-Series also stated that as an organization they will definitely take care of them and take further necessary precautions. Another source said, “Some of them are migrants who couldn’t go back. There are rooms, a kitchen and all facilities for them at the office building. But one of them got tested positive for COVID-19. There are two-three people who are also getting tested, but their reports are pending. For safety reasons, the BMC has sealed the office. It was anyway shut for employees since March 15.” 

In this situation, it is important to make sure that everyone stays where they are and it’s good to see Tseries authorities stepping up and taking care of their employees who have been infected. 

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