Murali Mohan: Raghava Reddy trailer is as tasty as Hyderabad Biryani

Murali Mohan: Raghava Reddy trailer is as tasty as Hyderabad Biryani

Murali Mohan: Raghava Reddy trailer is as tasty as Hyderabad Biryani

Murali Mohan, a distinguished actor and producer, graced the grand trailer launch event of the much-anticipated movie “Raghava Reddy.” Starring Siva Kanthaneni as the charismatic hero, with the talented Rashi and Nandita Swetha in lead roles, the film is presented by Space Vision Narasimha Reddy and produced by K. S. Shankar Rao, G. Rambabu Yadav, R. Venkateshwar Rao under the banner of Light House Cine Music, skillfully directed by Sanjeev Megoti.

As the cinematic feast’s trailer unfolded, Murali Mohan drew a vivid analogy, describing the experience as akin to savoring Hyderabad Biryani—a cinematic treat infused with all the right spices. In attendance at the event were luminaries such as Annapoornamma, Director Neelakantha, Music Director Sudhakar Mario, Editor Avula Venkatesh, Suchar India Kiran, Vara Mullapudi, and more.

Murali Mohan shared his enthusiasm, praising the trailer: “When I saw the trailer of ‘Raghava Reddy,’ I felt like relishing a Hyderabadi biryani prepared with all the spices. The trailer offers a tantalizing glimpse into the story and background, showcasing the brilliance of Hero Siva Kanthmaneni. His previous film, ‘Madhurapudi Gramam Ane Nenu,’ was a monumental success, selected for the Rajasthan International Film Festival. I believe it deserves the best movie award. With a stellar cast and crew, I anticipate ‘Raghava Reddy’ to be a blockbuster.”

Hero Siva Kanthamaneni, brimming with confidence, shared insights into his role: “This movie is as juicy and delicious as a fine dinner. I played a sincere and strict professor, a departure from my rugged role in the previous film. With Rashigaru and Nandita Shweta in key roles, supported by a talented ensemble including Raghubabu, Posani, Ajay, Ajay Ghosh, and many others, ‘Raghava Reddy’ promises to delight audiences across genres.”

Director Sanjeev Megoti, recounting the journey, remarked: “Crafted over three and a half years in collaboration with Lighthouse Cine Music, ‘Raghava Reddy’ evolved into a family entertainer with elements of action, drama, and thriller. The film, featuring Shiva Kanthmaneni as a criminology professor, unveils a compelling narrative. Sudhakar Mario’s music, SN Harish’s visuals, and Avula Venkatesh’s editing contribute to the film’s excellence. I am thrilled to re-enter Telugu cinema after nine years.”

Producer Venkateswara Rao expressed optimism: “As the third offering from Light House Cine Music, ‘Raghava Reddy’ is set to release on January 4. We are grateful for the positive response to our previous film in Madhurapudi village. The story resonated with everyone, and I sincerely hope the audience embraces our film with equal enthusiasm.”

Director Neelakanta lauded the film’s richness: “The trailer reveals the film’s intriguing content and rich cinematography. Congratulations to Siva Kanthamaneni and director Sanjeev Megoti. May ‘Raghava Reddy’ achieve resounding success.”

Annapurnamma commended the director’s vision: “The movie offers a compelling narrative, portraying the impulsive nature of women. With its blend of family drama, crime, and thrilling elements, ‘Raghava Reddy’ is a testament to the skillful storytelling. Kudos to the producers for supporting such good films.”

Editor Avula Venkatesh assured that “Raghava Reddy” would captivate audiences with its compelling commercial content, while Ajay Ghosh, playing the role of the villain, likened the movie to Hyderabad Dum Biryani—a flavorful experience that, if supported, would pave the way for more content-driven films.

Suchar India Kiran expressed confidence in Siva Kanthaneni’s passionate portrayal, anticipating the film to be his best yet. “If everyone supports, more good movies will be made. All the best to everyone involved,” she added, echoing the sentiment that ‘Raghava Reddy’ is poised to be a cinematic masterpiece.

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