Narendra Modi, CT Ravi and other BJP leaders furious over Congress promising to ban Bajrang Dal in Karnataka

Narendra Modi, CT Ravi and other BJP leaders furious over Congress promising to ban Bajrang Dal in Karnataka

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, Shobha Karandlaje, CT Ravi and other BJP leaders are furious over Congress promising to ban Bajrang Dal, if it is voted to power in Karnataka.

In its manifesto for Karnataka assembly elections released on May 2, the Congress promised that it is committed to taking firm and decisive action against individuals and organisations such as the Bajrang Dal and the Popular Front of India (PFI), including banning them, for “spreading hatred” amongst communities on grounds of caste and religion.

Many BJP leaders were irked by the Congress’ promise to ban the Bajrang Dal in the state. Some of them hit back at the party, saying the party has hit the lowest in appeasement politics by equating PFI, a banned terror outfit, with an organisation like Bajrang Dal.

Addressing an election rally here in Vijayanagara district, Narendra Modi said: “I have come to the land of Hanuman. I am fortunate that I got the opportunity to pay obeisance to the land of Hanuman but see the misfortune that when I have come to pay my respect to Hanuman’s land, at the same time Congress in its manifesto has decided to lock up Lord Hanuman.”

Narendra Modi said, “First they (Congress) locked up Lord Rama and now they have vowed to lock up those who chant ‘Jai Bajrang Bali’. It is the misfortune of the country that the Congress had a problem with Lord Rama and now it has difficulty with those who say ‘Jai Bajrang Bali’.”

Talking to ANI, state minister CN Ashwath Narayan said, “Congress always promoted PFI so they don’t have any moral right to ban Bajrang Dal. Congress is back with its appeasement politics, they don’t stand for development. People must defeat Congress, their manifesto is bad for the state.”

Shobha Karandlaje tweeted, “Bajrang Dal has been the voice of Hindu society & feared by radical anti Hindu forces like PFI. Congress’s call for banning Bajrang Dal is hinting at back door agreement b/w Cong & banned PFI. Is Congress fighting elections for their partners from Afghanistan or Pakistan?”

PC Mohan tweeted, “Bajrang Dal is devoted to serving Dharma with over 5 Lakh active workers across Bharat. But Congress equates Bajrang Dal to banned terrorist outfit PFI. Karnataka will strongly retaliate to this provocation and ensure a crushing defeat for Congress in the upcoming elections.”

CT Ravi tweeted, “By declaring that it will ban Bajrang Dal, the communal CONgress has declared a war against Hindus. Hindus will decimate the #NaalayakCONgress in the coming assembly elections in Karnataka. #CONgressAgainstHindus.”

Assam Chief Minister HB Sarma told ANI, “PFI is already banned. Siddaramaiah govt withdrew cases of PFI. So they are saying that to appease Muslims they will ban Bajrang Dal. Congress is saying that PFI can’t say that we will take revenge. Congress’ manifesto looks like the manifesto of PFI and fundamentalist Muslim organizations.”

Dr Surendra Jain, the Joint General secretary of Vishva Hindu Parishad said, “It’s unfortunate that Congress today compared Bajrang Dal with anti-national and banned PFI. People of the country will not accept it. Bajrang Dal accepts this challenge and will answer it through all democratic ways.”

Tejasvi Surya tweeted, “Congress in Karnataka was always working at behest of the PFI & SDPI, even dropped cases against them. Now, with their manifesto announcement of banning the Bajrang Dal, they are openly siding with anti-India terrorist forces like PFI. Congress Party is the new Muslim League.”

Tejasvi Surya added, “By wanting to ban Bajrang Dal, Congress has proved yet again that it is anti-Hindu. By wanting to scrap the new NEP 2020 that introduced mother tongue education, they have proved yet again that they are anti-Kannada.”

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