Netaji cannot be Gumnam says, Kabir Khan

The famous filmmaker Kabir Khan is opening Hero movie on Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose’s 123rd birthday this Tuesday. He is playing a major role in where he struggles for independence.

This is a new web series Azaadi ke Liye where the story based on Indian National Army (INA).

INA is a big thing, and this story is focusing the matter between 1942 to 1945 years. This is a story of Azad Hindu Fauj.

Every movement and accounts can be focus through the Netaji’s eye, but this is the first time when people are doing this. Around 55,000, men and women went for battle, and its all about their story and motivation. The filmmaker added this only the story.

Khan also explained about India’s freedom. Some stories have never explained in India where the British had put their censorship where they knew about Netaji’s plan. He knew 55,000 people are not enough to battle with the British Empire. His planned to support garner towards mainland India, but I can be a revaluation. But it did not happen.

Gumnami Baba has spent her last days in disguise and this matter there are many debates happened whether Netaji and Gumnami Baba are the same person.

Khan stated that this could not be enough prove to believe in this. From history, there is not much information so we cannot decide anything.

The filmmaker has made documentary title which today’s generation hardly knows. This story youth need to know. They know who Netaji is, but they must know what he did for the nation.

Azaadi ke Liye there are many actresses like Sunny Kaushal, TJ Bhanu, Sharvari, and Rohit Chaudhary, etc. in key roles.

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