No proper COVID 19 test for the Swedish soccer players

Worldwide people have been facing some or the other crisis, now and then, owing to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus which has been expeditiously spreading throughout the globe. Numerous countries have been experiencing immense sufferings, be it their economic devastation, countless deaths or any other miserable impact of this pandemic.

Owing to the threat of this noxious coronavirus, a number of functionalities in countless countries have all ceased recently. The sports tournaments, product launches, movie releases have all been postponed in the view of the COVID 19 pandemic.

Most of the countries have been struggling to get this pandemic under control but all their efforts are going in vain. The most important key to neutralising this threat is no doubt conducting as many COVID 19 tests as possible and asking people to quarantine themselves if they have been in contact with a corona positive person. 

Though many countries are unable to carry out this operation as effectively as they expected to because of a lesser number of test kits available. Nonetheless, they have been taking measures even on the visibility of the slightest of symptoms.

However, the scene in Sweden looks pretty different. In Sweden, it has been announced that their soccer players would not be required to take the COVID 19 test before practice sessions or matches. Instead, all they are supposed to do is fill in a self assessment form each morning before they arrive for practice or match. Based on the self assessment form, the club doctor will assess the health status of the player. Players are required to stay back home only if they show any symptoms.  

“The principle in the country is that only people who are feeling so ill that they must visit the hospital get a full-scale corona test.”, says the Swedish League.

While all other countries across the globe have been undergoing corona virus triggered nationwide lockdowns with all of their sports brought to a halt, practice as well as matches, the Swedish soccer team is getting all set to return to the field. These protocols of the Swedish soccer team have been presented before Sweden’s public health authority. A verdict is being expected this week which will clearly state whether or not the team will be back on the field.  

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