Odisha to set up India’s largest COVID-19 hospital with 1,000 beds

More than 21,000 people have died from coronavirus infections worldwide with more than 7,500 deaths reported in Italy alone. India has reported more than 600 cases and 12 deaths while bringing the country under full lockdown.

To amid the country’s coronavirus outbreak, Odisha is going to built India’s biggest centric coronavirus hospital. This hospital will hold 1,000 beds according to estimates and will be available in a fortnight.

The goal of building this hospital is to accommodate the country’s increasing number of cases of coronavirus and also to relieve some strain off the shoulders of an already exhausted medical apparatus. Odisha Govt, Corporates and Medical Colleges have signed a tripartite agreement to develop.

Meanwhile, the government of Odisha has also requested that dhabas, garages along highways, be kept open. The step was taken for the supply of vital goods to truckers. Doing so would keep the supply chain intact despite the lockout. In this link, the State government has already released a letter to all district collectors and police superintendents (SPs).

As of Thursday, the number of confirmed cases in India has risen to 649. The death toll has risen to 13, with the virus taking Tamil Nadu’s first casualty. Of the cases total, 602 are Indians, and 47 are foreigners.

Prime Minister Modi has declared the nation’s full lockdown for 21 days, wherein the public is requested to remain indoors at all costs and only venture out for immediate concerns. Modi said the decision would have an economic cost to the nation but saving the lives of people is of utmost importance to his government.

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