Paris residents find an exciting way to kill time during COVID-19 lockdown

People around the world are going insane with the lockdown imposed to control the spread of the novel coronavirus. As much as people understand the importance of staying indoors, the lockdown seems to drown them in boredom. However, the residents of Paris decided to spend their lockdown time productively by engaging with their neighbours, and their productive plan absolutely does not need them to step out of their houses!

 A group of people residing in the city of Paris came together to kill the boredom with interaction that obeys social distancing. The residents of the 11th district at Rue Saint-Bernard, Paris have been playing interactive quiz games with their neighbours, staying right inside their balconies. This interactive quiz session is happening for over a month now. This innovative activity was initiated by none other than famous comedian and actor, Cartozo. In an interview with Reuters, Cartozo stated that he felt sad looking at his neighbours drowned in boredom and wanted to come up with the idea that would bring people together, by obeying all rules of social distancing.

The residents of Paris come to their balconies every evening at 8 pm to praise and thank the healthcare workers. Cartozoidentified this as an excellent opportunity to make an interaction and divided the quiz teams based on the house numbers of the residents. All the even house number residents formed a team and the odd number residents, another group. The winners of the quiz session are rewarded with pasta and toilet paper.

The residents of the 11th district Rue Saint-Bernard applaud actor Cartozo for coming up with an exciting idea that helps them productively spend their days. The residents also commented that their days have now become shorter and they look forward to another day of the quiz session, as interactive with neighbours has turned to be so much fun.

France remains as one of the worst affected countries in the COVID-19 global pandemic. The country has recorded over 117,749 confirmed cases of coronavirus and has a death rate that has crossed a count of 12,210 lives.

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