Payal Rohatgi slams Divya Khosla for supporting husband Bushan Kumar’s adulteress lifestyle

Sonu Nigam recently warned T-Series chairman Bhushan Kumar to not malign his name. In a new video titled “Laaton ke MAFIA baaton se nahi maante,” the singer said Bhusan has instigated the wrong person. He also threatened Bhushan Kumar that he will expose him and says that he will release the video of certain Marina Kuwar where she spoke about Bhushan molesting her in an interview.  To this allegation, Bhushan’s wife and actor-director Divya Khosla Kumar responded to the claims made by Nigam and called him thankless even after Tseries helping him with his career.

Now Actress Payal Rohatgi has uploaded a video where she takes a dig at Divya Khosla. In the video she says “Sunny Leone gets lot of work. By now you might have realized the reason why she gets more work. She does shy while doing sex in front of camera. That is how the profession is. She has earned money out of doing sex in front of the camera. She gets more work in Bollywood. Manira Kuvara has made some allegations against Bollywood music industry’s Bushan Kumar and Sonu Nigam has defended it. I watched both videos of Manira and Sonu Nigam and I felt ashamed of it. Buat Divya Koshla is supporting her husband Bushan Kumar’s habits and adultress lifestyle because he is rich and she became a director with his support. She does not want to give up her luxurious lifestyle. Who knew Divya Koshla Kumar before she married Bushan Kumar? Alright! That is fine! But Divya, not so many girls can be wrong. Sonu Nigam can’t be wrong. He does not need to do it at this point of his career. Neither his jobless nor he is desperate. If your husband is really desperate about sex, you really need to figure out your marriage, which is as fake as Bollywood”

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