Paytm daily UPI transaction limit at Rs 1 lakh

Paytm’s daily transaction limit via UPI is 1 lakh, in case you did not know already. This means that you could send money and make transactions of up to Rs 1 lakh through PayTM.

This should come in handy and useful during these lockdown times where going out for transactions – especially money related could be avoided through digital payments. Also, the biggest advantage that these digital payment interfaces offer users is rewards. For transactions – based on their value, you could earn rewards that are credited directly to your linked bank account.

At this juncture, there has naturally been a sprout in digital transactions as people have increasingly preferred digital interfaces to transact in a hassle-free manner. This is true for payments such as paying insurance premiums to making utility bill payments. There are also transactions such as receiving salaries, essential payments and payments for services rendered. Now, the limit for all these transactions is up to Rs 1 lakh daily.

In related news, Paytm has been active in serving cooked meals ever since this lockdown first began on 24 March and has since seen 3 official extensions with some relaxations in  its third avatar.

Paytm has now stated that it has completed serving one million meals to the needy since the lockdown was announced on 24 March. This is a potentially noble gesture of giving back to society.

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