Penguin movie review: Keerthy Suresh starrer fails to strike a chord with audience

Keerthy Suresh’s most-awaited movie Penguin, which is directed by Eashvar Karthic, has failed to strike a chord with the Telugu audience, who have all negative reviews and poor ratings for Amazon Prime Video’s film.

Penguin movie story: Written by Eashvar Karthic, Penguin is a psychological thriller movie, which is about Rhythm (Keerthy Suresh), who is pregnant and expecting her first baby from her second marriage with Gautham (Madhampatty Rangaraj). She is haunted by the memories of a masked man torturing her kidnapped son (Ajay) from her previous marriage. How she tries to trace the Psycho forms the crux.

Analysis: Eashvar Karthic has failed to execute his script on screens properly. The boring narration in the first half, uninteresting twists and outdated climax are big letdown in Penguin. Keerthy Suresh has tried her best in doing justice to her role, but she appears to be not suitable in some scenes. Picturisation and background score are attractions on the technical front of the movie, say the audience.

Here are some audiences’ review of Penguin shared on Twitter:

Narayanan @narayananrl

#Penguin – Guessed the person behind Charlie Chaplin correctly in the first scene in which the person was shown 😀 👍🏻 👏🏻 Thanks to recent Telugu investigative crime thriller. Exact same to same reason #Penguin – Interesting just for its thrills. Director took all liberty to stage things for each scene just for continuing the suspense but staging is absurd. All other characters don’t have any role. Keerthy Suresh plays her role with perfection 👍🏻 👏🏻. #Penguin #PonmagalVandhal – Agree it’s heroine oriented but please don’t make heroines literally do everything in the movie. 🙏🙏🙏 Scenes look boring

Rathna kumar @MrRathna

#Penguin. A solid suspense thriller with Terrific performance from @KeerthyOfficial. She stole the thunder from many promising debutants. Interval shot is Fire Fire. Huge applause to Director @EashvarKarthic, DOP @karthikPalaniDP, Editor @Anilkrish88 & Producer @kaarthekeyens

Trendswood @Trendswoodcom

#Penguin 3.25/5 Watchable Thriller. Average 1st Half & Very Good Second Half. Keerthy’s Performance Outstanding. Cyrus Fire SaNa’s BGM & Kharthik’s DOP Ok Substitute Psycho > Main Psycho. Climax Could Have Been Better. Penguin > Ponmagal Vandhal

Walter White @ImVcharan1603

#Penguin – My first Walkout in OTT platform 🚶🏻‍♂️Amateur Directing/Acting/Writing. Watch it at your own risk #PenguinOnPrime

Rahul @Rahul_Keerthy

Mother is not just a Relationship.. You literally made me cry @KeerthyOfficial with your performance as a young mother

#Penguin is a tribute to all the mothers out there Kudos to the director @EashvarKarthic for choosing this subject #PenguinOnPrime

𝙼𝙱 @HarshaTweetz

#Penguin : Dragged First half and Bad Second half. Even the Twist wasn’t so Engaging and you’ve a feeling like watching a CID episode #Eashvar’s Thought is good but Paper-pen Work Should’ve been Written Well. @KeerthyOfficial is good at moments Telugu Dubbing is so bad 2/5

Mirchi9 @Mirchi9

#PenguinOnPrime Review – Devoids Thrill and Emotional Connect Even at a compact 130 minutes runtime, it tests your patience. If that is the case for a digital watch, the theatrical experience would be horrible.

Teja @TejaPandruvada

@karthiksubbaraj just watched #Penguin sir awesome movie brilliant performance by @KeerthyOfficial superb thriller blended with lot of twists , awesome bgm by santosh narayan, thankyou for giving good film

вѕтнαℓα_Cℓαѕѕу @Bsthala_offl

Watched  #Penguin 1st half is Super. 2nd half is literally not satisfied Keerthy’s  performance ❤ Bgm is super 3.5/5

Kaushik LM @LMKMovieManiac

#Penguin is @KeerthyOfficial’s one-woman show as the bold & adventurous pregnant woman who’ll go to any lengths to save her first son. Her dog is the other hero in the story The first half is particularly impressive & promises a lot! Watch it for gutsy #Keerthy #PenguinOnPrime  #Penguin : Other support actors (many newcomers) could’ve been chosen far better, as quite a few of them play the most crucial parts in the story! The key reveals & twists in the 2nd half don’t create the desired impact! Very Good 1st half. Wish the 2nd half had been far better

Sridevi Sreedhar @sridevisreedhar

#Penguin is so engaging from the word go! Another brilliant brilliant performance from @KeerthyOfficial Ok in a difficult role.. truly chilling and I thoroughly enjoyed this intelligent thriller Thumbs up @PrimeVideoIN @EashvarKarthic #PenguinOnPrime @karthiksubbaraj

Ramesh Bala @rameshlaus

#Penguin: Its @KeerthyOfficial’s one-woman show all the way.. She is perfect as the pregnant woman, who goes any length to save her children.. She excels in a physically demanding role.. Music by @Music_Santhosh is another highlight.. #Penguin : The supporting cast is very weak and they let down the movie.. Twists and turns are not convincing.. Watch it for Keerthy’s performance!

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