PM CARES Fund will accept donations from foreign countries consistent with Indian policy: Government Source

Donations to the PM CARES fund would be approved from “individuals and organizations based abroad,” government sources have clarified on Wednesday.

The fund announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the government has agreed to accept contributions to counter the country’s coronavirus outbreak from abroad. A decision marking a change of not accepting international contributions from the previous stance to tackle the domestic crisis.

A source from the government said, “PM CARES fund will simply accept donations and contributions from individuals and organizations who are based in foreign countries. This is consistent with India’s policy with respect to Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund (PMNRF) which has also received foreign contributions as a public trust since 2011.”

This clarification from the sources comes in the wake, they tell a lot of misconceptions about receiving international donations from the PM CARES Fund.

“In view of the interest expressed to contribute to government’s efforts, as well as keeping in mind the unprecedented nature of pandemic, contributions to the trust can be done by individuals and organizations, both in India and abroad,” sources said.

“A public charitable trust PM CARES Fund was set up in view of several spontaneous requests from India and abroad for making generous contribution to support the govt in its fight against COVID-19,” they added.

On Saturday Modi announced the creation of the PM CARES fund. The PM is the trust chairman and the minister of defense, home minister, and finance minister as its leaders.

All employees of the Ministry of External Affairs also contribute a day’s salary while some contribute more freely said an official.

The Army, Navy and the Indian Air Force including Defense Ministry employees have agreed to donate a day’s salary of Rs 500 crore.

“There has been a lot of misinformation on the news of #PMCARES fund accepting foreign donations. What has been announced is that the PM-CARES fund will simply accept donations and contributions from individuals and organizations that are based in foreign countries,” Stated by ANI, quoting government sources.

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