PM Narendra Modi addresses the nation regarding the death of 20 Indian Soldiers in Galwan Valley

Prime Minister Narender Modi has issued an all-party meeting on Friday to discuss the stand-off between India and China. The killing of 20 Indian soldiers, including a Colonel at the Line of Actual Control (LAC) has shocked the nation. This is the most significant death toll since the 1967 border clash between Indian and China in Sikkim. Just a few days back the Lt General rank officers had come to a mutual agreement and the troops of both the sides had retreated. Chinese soldiers had removed their camps and had respected the pact. The Chinese Foreign Ministry was quick to release a statement that the Indian troops had violated the agreement and had illegally crossed the border. Both capitals were accusing each other of violating the consensus.

In the light of these situations, Prime Minister Narender Modi addressed the nation assuring them that the sacrifice of our Indian soldier won’t go in vain. His love for his country is great, and he won’t shy away from protecting out our nation and ensuring India’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. He said India prefers to maintain peace and tranquillity across its borders but will not stay quiet if instigated. He also informed the people that the soldiers died respectfully during the combat on the battlefield. Though there were casualties on both sides, China’s People Liberation army was quiet about it. India and China have made several bilateral agreements since 1993 to ensure peace at the border.

Many are questioning PM Modi about his 18 meetings with Chinese President Xi Jinping since he came to power back in 2014. Opposition leader Sonia Gandhi has questioned PM Modi on how China occupied Indian Territory and how did they manage to kill our troops on our soil. After Pm Modi’s video addressing the nation went viral on twitter, many questioned him on speech stating that if this isn’t instigation then what is. He was also being accused of being caught in a crossfire between China and USA. At the same time, many requested the public not to politicise this issue rather understand the seriousness of the problem and respect the Indian soldiers who were martyred for our nation.

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