PM Modi’s campaign to turn Covid-19 into a global war at G 20 Meeting tomorrow

PM Modi took the first step towards a 21-day lockdown to check for coronavirus spread. Narendra Modi wants to turn the battle against the deadly Sars-CoV-2 pathogen into a global war tomorrow at the G-20 conference.

The member nations pool their medical expertise and services to prevent contagion from spreading.

The expected call from the G-20 would be for participating countries to scale up their medical infrastructure resources to cope with the worst-case scenario and pool medical efforts to prevent and treat the virus.

While PM Modi has taken a first decisive step towards historic 21-day nationwide shutdown on Tuesday evening by blocking long-distance trains on the north-south corridor on March 18.

PM Modi had thrown the “wait and watch” option out of the window early in the day because if it went into the population transmission stage it would be difficult to contain the disease.

The aim was to reduce the potential for foreigners from states like Bihar and Uttar Pradesh to spread the virus to remote villages with practically non-existent medical facilities.

The March 22 Janta curfew was a test run to configure the Indian response to battle the virus and prepare for the level of compliance needed for the worst-case scenario.

PM Modi held a very close eye on the gearing of medical capacities such as the manufacture of masks, ventilators, hazmat suits and isolation ward preparation. Despite hardly any Covid-19 vaccine on the horizon over the next two to four months, India is hoping to curb the spread of the virus until April 15.

Although the epidemic has led to a forced shutdown of the most influential economies in the world economy, the first goal has been to save lives with the economy taking the second position

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