Pune Police asks people to wear masks with meme inspired by Aamir Khan’s Ghajini

A Ghajini-inspired meme was posted by Pune Police to encourage people to wear masks amid the novel coronavirus outbreak.

On Tuesday to urge the citizes to wear face masks the Pune Police has posted a meme which is inspired by the Ghajini film to amid the novel outbreak of coronavirus.

To share a still from the movie featuring its lead actor Aamir Khan the official hand of Pune Police’s took to Twitter to show it to the citizens. In case you don’t recall, the character of Khan in the film suffered from short-term memory loss. Therefore, he used to tattoo important things on his body to prevent forgetting them.

Well, Pune Police placed a translucent banner on his torso and an significant message was written, “Forget everything but don’t forget to wear a mask.” In the picture posted by police department, Aamir can also be seen wearing a mask.

“Wear a mask. Practice social distancing. Wash hands frequently. You don’t need to cover your entire body with tattoos for that, do you? #OnGuardAgainstCorona,”  The caption was written by Pune Police.

The post has received more than 240 likes since it was being posted online.  It was filled with comments by Netizens to applaud the police department for their innovative attempts to raise awareness.

In India the number of novel cases of coronavirus has soared past the 10,000-mark. To Covid-19 more than 300 people lost their lives. Meanwhile, India’s lockdown was extended until May 3, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced Tuesday.

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