PVR to be equipped with revolutionary anti-viral air purification system UFO-Wolf AirMask

PVR to be equipped with revolutionary anti-viral air purification system UFO-Wolf AirMask

PVR to be equipped with revolutionary anti-viral air purification system UFO-Wolf AirMask

PVR Ltd., the leader in Indian film exhibition industry has partnered with UFO Moviez to announce the installation of a cinema-specific air sterilization device called ‘UFO-Wolf AirMask’.

To ensure the safety of visiting patrons, it offers real-time air sterilization providing protection against all kinds of harmful bacteria, viruses and microbes in the air and surfaces.  It is successfully tested on SARS COVID-2 VIRUS at Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology, Trivandrum, an ICMR recognized and ILAC Accredited Lab (International), which is especially designed for cinema halls.

The product was launched in the presence of Actor-Producer, Mr. John Abraham at PVR Juhu, Mumbai along with the promotion of his upcoming movie, ‘Satyamev Jayate 2’.

Cinemas have reopened nationally with various states removing restrictions in capacity and others expected to join them soon. The country has also reached a sustained endemic state and audiences have resumed their big screen movie watching experience with the vibrant content pipeline in the offering.

PVR Cinemas becomes the first multiplex in India to install these units at its theatres across the country, further making the cinema experience safe for its patrons beyond the standard safety protocols laid down by the government and its 100% vaccinated staff. The device would be installed in the auditoriums, lobbies and washrooms.

The technology adoption is an extension to the overall gamut of the PVR Cares program that covers enhanced safety measures and procedures for the Post Covid-19 World ensuring the health and well-being of patrons and employees. The Cinema Exhibition Sector is one of the worst hit sectors and amidst the tumult of this unprecedented period, the Company’s priority has been to safeguard the health and well-being of its employees, customers and communities at large while continuing the business operations with responsibility and care.

As a category leader, PVR went ahead to ensure that cinemas are safe in every possible way for both guests and staff; and going beyond what was mandated by the government. The safety and hygiene parameter across every touch point in the customer journey right from Box Office, Security, Lobby, Audi, Concession, Rest Room and Exit was addressed in PVR Care. Technology has played a key role in making cinemas safer such as the use of anti-microbial film on most-touched surfaces, use of UV cabinets to sterilize all food packaging, digital transactions enabled via NFC, E-Wallets, paperless movie ticket purchase through QR code entry. Going beyond vaccinating its own employees before PVR reopened its cinemas, it played a humble role in becoming the evangelists for the film fraternity by providing free vaccination at its cinema to the marginalized daily wage workers such as spot-boys, light-men etc registered with the Federation of Western India Cine Employees (FWICE).

Talking about the initiative, Mr. Gautam Dutta, CEO, PVR Ltd., said “As a responsible organization, we are strictly adhering to all health and safety protocols for the wellbeing of our guests and employees. We are pleased to announce an exclusive partnership with UFO Moviez for the installation of UFO-Wolf AirMask in our theatres as part of our new technology adoption initiatives. The revolutionary technology that powers this device stands as a testament to our ethos of placing supreme importance on safety and comfort. Through this initiative, we are confident that we will reassure our patrons on the safe environment that cinema provides to enjoy their favourite movies the way they used to.”

UFO-Wolf AirMask features state-of-the-art technology that eliminates air-borne viruses in enclosed spaces. Its non-chemical negative ION Generation enhances health and vitality providing a 360-degree and 24×7 protection. Non-chemical negative ion generation is found in mountains, waterfalls and beaches. The product can discharge up to 100 trillion negative ions per cm3 / second, which will bind with the surface protein /Spike protein of the coronavirus, or any other harmful viruses and microbes present in the air and neutralize it.

Also, it can neutralize 99% of SARS COVID-2 VIRUS within 15 minutes. The Real time indoor Air Sterilization leads to a non-toxic and non-allergic microbial neutralization for the purest air in closed spaces. It allows for usage during shows, ensuring faster turnaround time thereby making it a perfect and long-term solution for the sanitization of huge cinema halls. UFO-Wolf AirMasks are energy efficient, works silently and are not a biohazard. The product has been tested and certified by various bodies for its effectiveness in rupturing the envelope and spike proteins of SARS CoV-2 Virus. These include Dubai Central Lab, SGS Chemical Solutions Laboratories, Envirodesigns Eco Labs. Besides, CE and RoHS Directive of European Parliament affirm the product’s conformity with EU health, safety and environmental protection standards.

Speaking on the partnership, Mr. Kapil Agarwal, Joint Managing Director, UFO Moviez India Ltd., said

“Our association with PVR goes back to over a decade when we partnered with them to convert their screens to digital projection. We are delighted to introduce UFO-Wolf AirMask, a revolutionary technology in cinemas across the country through PVR, the leading cinema chain in India.  The covid pandemic has resulted in the disruption of the movie watching experience and the biggest challenge for cinema theatres is to regain the confidence of their patrons. Safety protocols such as fumigation and sanitization are just not enough to sterilize these public spaces and there is a need to sterilize the air circulating in these areas. A safe and healthy environment will help patrons to enjoy watching movies without any fear. The efficacy of the product has been tested and certified by reputed government labs”.

UFO Moviez is further associated with Allabout Innovations Pvt Ltd, a technology fostering firm based out of Kochi, for distributing their product to theatres in India on an exclusive basis. As a part of

Make-in-India initiative, UFO-Wolf AirMask are designed and manufactured in India and these units will be installed across the country in all PVR screens and upcoming properties.

Providing details on the product, Mr. Sujesh Sugunan, Chairman & CEO, Allabout Innovations Pvt Ltd, said, “Wolf AirMask when placed in a theatre will ensure that the air inside the theatre neutralizes virus, bacteria, dust and odour within no time. The non-toxic and non-allergic microbial neutralizer provides super safe ambience for people of all ages. The product ensures the purest air that one can ever breathe inside confined places and works better with air-conditioning.  It is the perfect solution for safeguarding one’s surroundings with India’s first ion based covid solution”.

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