Radhika Madan talks about how she deals with nepotism

The topic nepotism has been in the news after Sushant Singh Rajput’s demise and everyone is talking about it. Now recently during an interview, Radhika Madan who stars in Angrezi Medium was questioned on nepotism and about her journey so far in the Industry. Radhika responded  that everyone knows that nepotism is very prevalent in the industry and that the topic has suddenly gained attention. She further said that even though she is aware that some star’s kid will land a role, she would still go and ask for an audition and put in her 200% in it. She also revealed that she believes that she is only answerable to herself and that this is the only way she can gain peace.

Radhika was also asked if actors were looked at differently when they switch from TV to films in Bollywood and if she felt some kind of discrimination as well. To this, she responded that acting for TV and movies is very different. While most people are distracted while watching TV, the case isn’t the same for movies. This makes them do quite a general form of acting in TV and a very professional one in movies. The actor also added that this is why directors are hesitant to take television actors in films, thinking that such actors will give mediocre performances. She also stated that as an actor, one must be aware of what kind of acting they are delivering in an audition and for what medium. When asked if the playing field ever gets levelled after being in the industry for a while, to which she said it never does. She talked about how regular people get one chance in many years which will make or break their career, while star kids are groomed to act and eventually get many chances while outsiders usually do not.

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