Rahul Gandhi takes on Narendra Modi Govt and compares Health Minister to Captain of Titanic

Rahul Gandhi has come down heavily upon Narendra Modi’s government and urged it to reveal its action plan tackling the issue of Coronavirus. Going a step forward, he compared the Union Health Minister to the Captain of Titanic.

Two cases of Coronavirus were found in Telangana and Delhi, India and the news created a shock wave across the country. Soon after the news broke out, Rahul Gandhi tweeted, “The Corona Virus is an extremely serious threat to our people and our economy. My sense is the government is not taking this threat seriously. Timely action is critical. #coronavirus.”

Rahul Gandhi expressed his concern over Narendra Modi’s leadership on his Twitter acccount on March 3. The Congress leader tweeted, There are moments in the life of every nation when its leaders are tested. A true leader would be completely focused on averting the massive crisis about to be unleashed by the virus on India and its economy. #coronavirusindia

Later, Rahul Gandhi went on to call Narendra Modi a clown. He tweeted, “Dear @PMOIndia, Quit wasting India’s time playing the clown with your social media accounts when India is facing an emergency. Focus the attention of every Indian on taking on the Coronavirus challenge. Here’s how it’s done. #coronavirusindia.”

Today Narendra Modi’s government requested the people of the country to say no to the Holi Milan gatherings. Talking about it, Rahul Gandhi wrote, “The Health Minister saying that the Indian Govt has the #coronavirus crisis under control, is like the Capt of the Titanic telling passengers not to panic as his ship was unsinkable. It’s time the Govt made public an action plan backed by solid resources to tackle this crisis.”

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