Railways cancels all trains till August 12th special trains to run as usual

A piece of news surfaced online on all major network channels that all trains will be cancelled from July 1 to August 12 because of the surge in COVID-19 patients. The news reported that all trains including regular time-table passenger trains, local services and mail expresses which were cancelled till June 20 would remain to be suspended till August 12. Indian Railways was quick to clarify its statement and aid that there is no such order to which rules out running any trains till August 12. The media reported that all trains in which tickets were booked till August 12 from the regular time table, the tickets will be refunded for the full amount.

The Railways said that they would refund only those trains in which tickets were booked till April 14 and were unable to operate. Those people who booked tickets will be given a time frame of 120 days to process their refund payments. They added that no trains which are presently running would be cancelled, all the special trains continue to run with appropriate precautions. The Indians railways have not been running to its full capacity since the lockdown began, it currently operates with only 230 special trains.

Railways have been running suburban trains in the Central and Western part of the nation and continue to ply after the lockdown. The Indian railways have also called tenders for installing cameras and devices which check the body temperatures of the public. These devices will be installed in stations which receive a high footfall. Mumbai and Guwahati stations have already installed these cameras which also detect black body temperature and help in identifying people who are not wearing a mask.

The stalls at the railway station will be allowed to sell masks, gloves, bedroll kits and sanitizers in the wake of a rising number of cases across the country. These stalls already sell items required for people while travelling but now they will also be allowed to sell protection kits for the public. These private contractors will have to follow the government policy of providing these essential items at maximum retail price. Railways said they are taking all the measures to contain the spread of the virus and will continue to support the government in whatever way possible.

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