Rakul’s confession medical store is selling alcohol

The celebrity Rakul Preet Singh does not want to entertain any fake news about her. On this Thursday, she took one matter to Twitter, and she told that she was buying alcohol in the market.

One video got uploaded where she was seen to buy alcohol during the lockdown. She was wearing a T-shirt with dark color pants, and orange sneakers. She has also put a mask on her face, and she was seeing to carry some items in her hand. She was in a hurry and rushing to the car. Rakul also replied that time that she was not aware that medical store was selling alcohol.

The fan has told her not to reply to all such detractors videos, and she must ignore the haters. This is the privacy that has become public, so she needs to ignore and move on. Other fans have answered that there is nothing wrong if she buys alcohol and this is her personal life. She is also a human being, and she has a right to choose what she wants to eat and drink.

All liquor shop was closed due to lockdown, and it was closed since 25th March to halt the coronavirus spread. After 17th May, some of the standard liquor shops can be open.

Rakul has shared in Instagram that she is spending her time practicing yoga, and she also shared a throwback picture of it.

She has also mentioned that her journey started in 2018, and she does the practice every day to make her life balanced.

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