Ramayan’s actress Dipika Chikhila’s first look revealed in ‘Sarojini’s poster!

Ramanand Saga’s Ramayan is a very famous epic, and moreover, Devi Sita (Dipika Chikhlia) has won millions of hearts. Currently, she is ready for the new titular role of her upcoming film Sarojini. This actress posted the first look of her on her Twitter account. This movie is based on the freedom fighter Sarojini Naidu.

This upcoming movie ‘Sarojini’ is directed by the Akash Nayak, and one more person called Dhiraj Mishra. This movie story is very good and this is written by Dhiraj Mishra and his relative Yashomati Devi. This picture is produced under the Royal Film Media banner, which is merged with Kanu Bhai Patel.

This famous Television actress Dipika is seen to pose a thoughtful mood in the movie posters.

In this movie, Sarojini Naidu plays an important role, and her personality was an Indian freedom fighter who is struggling for freedom and her life she can give for freedom. This struggle is known as a nightingale of India where Sarojini Naidu has revered poet, and she is the one who wrote myriad topics like ranging from politics. This is completely based on the romance with tragedy.

This film is nice with full-length feature film, and this will showcase the journey of Sarojini Naidu. Till now, this Bollywood has made the only biopic on the nightingale India.

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