Ranveer Singh opens up on how the pandemic has impacted on him

The lockdown has impacted everyone mentally too. Being inside the house and away from people for such a long time can often lead to mental health issues. Recently Bollywood star Ranveer Singh opened up about his experience during this lockdown. “I have been engaging this period of lockdown in very different ways. In the first 2 weeks, it felt like something, then in the first month, then a month and a half and now it’s been 2 months. So, I have been going through various phases,” Ranveer said. He also added: “Every time you wake up in the morning and read the news, read what is happening and it’s a very grim scenario. It’s disturbing, it’s actually devastating to witness what is happening in this unprecedented pandemic to all our brothers and sisters not just in our country but across the world.”

The superstar says he weighed down with what’s happening in India and globally and said, “You know what the world is facing, this global crisis, that it really weighs down on you. So, I was going through my own process to – wrapping my head around it in a way that it has an effect on you emotionally, mentally. I don’t think I was prepared to engage anyone or anything in public.” However, Ranveer is staying positive and hopes that a silver lining will come soon for everyone. “I’m staying home and making sure that I’m using this time in as positive way as possible. Trying to be positive, trying to be optimistic, trying to find the silver lining, trying to see the brighter side of things as grim a scenario that it is. So, I also used this time to kind of hibernate and experience the joy of doing nothing. There is a charm to that as well.”

It is important to make sure that we all utilize this time to our benefit and do the things we have always wanted to do and making sure we are busy and happy. 

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