Ranveer Singh sends positive vibes to fans as he goes live during lockdown; Says ‘We all are in this together’

.Covid19 has changed the lifestyle of everyone around the world as everyone now is inside their homes. This has also lead to people being more active on social media and that includes Bollywood celebrities too. They are now freer than they have ever been as all the shootings and movie releases have been indefinitely suspended. This is making them spend more time on social media and this is big news for the fans as now they need a sneak peek into their favorite celeb’s life. Several celebrities have been going live on social media during the lockdown and joining them is Ranveer Singh who recently connected with his fans to spread some positive vibes.

Ranveer who spoke about the ongoing crisis and called it an emotionally difficult time. However, Ranveer urged the fans to lose hope, stay safe and healthy. He further asked the fans to be optimistic just like him and look at the positive side of everything. Calling the COVID 19 outbreak unprecedented, the actor assured the fans that we are all together in this. “It’s been a very difficult couple of weeks, emotionally difficult. Turbulent times with everything that is going on in the world. To all my friends & fans stay safe, hang in there, stay healthy. Sending you love, positive vibes & good energy. I’m always an optimist, I like to look at the bright side of things. I always like to stay positive in any situation that life throws up. To be honest, this is unprecedented. We all are in this together and I believe that on the other side of this we’ll come out with more compassion,” Ranveer had stated in the Instagram live session.

What he said is true, though the times are hard, we must all not lose hope and instead pray for bad things to end soon so that we can all go back to our lives again. 

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