Ranveer Singh talks about his childhood and that the 90s era defines him

Before the internet, cellphones and social media made it’s way to our life and became a major part of our habit and lifestyle, as a 90’s kid we have all grown up watching Television ie Doordarshan! Those hours spent after school watching our favorite television show be it Shaktimaan or Shakala BoomBoom have been one of the fondest memories and something this new generation would never have.

Now Bollywood star Ranveer Singh recently revealed that he was always glued to 90s television shows while growing up, which has shaped him completely and that he followed everything of the nineties era. “I am a nineties kid. Born in 1985, the nineties era is what defines me. Following everything from movies, music, pop culture, fashion, those are my formative years. Whatever you subscribe to, stays with you forever,” Ranveer said. The actor recalled the days he would sit in front of the TV, while other children played outside. “I remember watching ”Zabaan Sambhalke”, ”Dekh Bhai Dekh”! Basically, I am TV ka bachcha (kid), a product of television, a tv kid. When kids were outside, I was in front of the idiot box!” he added. 

He also watched epics like “Ramayan” and “Mahabharat”. “When I was not watching movies on VCR, I was watching Doordarshan. I remember waiting for ”Ramayan”, ”Mahabharat” and ”Chhaya Geet”. It was like an event for me. I used to work backwards from the telecast time. That”s the decade for me. I used to watch TV all the time, non-stop, which included WWF. Even when mom was watching ”Santa Barbara” and ”The Bold And The Beautiful”, I was totally hooked.”

Well, we would totally agree with Ranveer on this. Life was super exciting back then, especially when there were commercial breaks and we would run from the bathroom to back the episode! What were your favorite 90s shows? Let us know in the comments below.

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