Reserve beds for Covid-19 patients or risk being converted to only Covid-19 centres, says Delhi government

Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia warned all private hospitals to reserve 20% of their beds to corona-virus patients or else risk of being converted into a complete coronavirus facility. Delhi Government also asked hospitals to discharge people with mild or asymptomatic patients since dark days are looming ahead and they expect a surge in cases. The number of infections rose to 1500 for the first time in a single day in Delhi. Hence the administration converted three hospitals specially dedicated to Covid-19 treatment. Sir Ganga Ram hospital, Moolchand hospital, and Saroj hospital were converted to only Covid-19 centers.

Since some private hospitals are facing issues in separating beds for coronavirus patients; hence, the government has made five government hospitals to treat only coronavirus patients. Delhi health minister Satyendar Jain informed the press that is hospitals still face logistical issues in earmarking hospital beds for Covid-19, then they will be converted to only Covid-19 centers.

He also announced that hospitals that received their lands on concession from the government will have to treat Covid-19 patients for free who come from poor backgrounds or risk being converted to corona wards. Arvind Kejriwal also launched the ‘Delhi Corona App,’ where you can get the latest updates and news regarding hospitals and treatment quickly. Also, it was brought to notice that people with mild and asymptomatic cases will be discharged and will have to tend for themselves.

At the same time, hospital beds will be vacated for severe cases. Only 25% of Covid-19 positive cases are being registered to hospitals while others are under home isolation, which can lead to another crisis if it is not handled with care. People with no breathing issues or respiratory problems can isolate themselves at home. If the situation continues in this fashion, there is no projection when we will be able to contain it.

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