Sadhguru advises people to renew their strengths during the lockdown

Spiritual yogi and author, Jaggi Vasudev asked the people of India to utilize the time obtained during the current lockdown to renew their strengths and energy.

In a talk session with India Today TV, the Isha Foundation founder spoke about how to come with stress and stay calm in a lockdown. “All of us have taken a hit. There is no doubt about it. But this is not the end of life. This is the time for us to renew our strength and energy. This is an opportunity for us to thrive as a nation,” said the founder of the Isha Foundation.

Sadhguru also advised the people to prioritise their needs and actions, and not to stress over the business losses occurring at this time.”The most important thing now is to stay alive. Ensure that you stay alive. Let’s value life first. I understand there is pain but life is foremost. We must also focus on helping those in the lower strata. Let us help to our capacity. Don’t count your money at this time,” he said. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev also said the lockdown is an excellent opportunity to renew one’s strength and energy. He also commented that a break of 3 weeks or more could not be availed easily in this fast-paced world, and added that the people should not mentally stress over, instead try and remain calm during the entire period.

Talking about the after-effects of the lockdown, the spiritual guru said, “India is a prime business destination. Many are looking at pulling out from China and the US. This is a good opportunity for India to strive. Businesses, industries, entrepreneurs, and individuals must explore various innovations and use this time to thrive. These few weeks, we must commit physically, mentally, and emotionally to betterment. Let’s aim at improving and upgrading ourselves.”

Sadhguru also commented that the human body is a habitat for the virus, and we should prepare ourselves to be stronger to become immune. The spiritual leader advised the people to get through this time joyfully, rather than succumbing to mental stress.

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