Saif Ali Khan on how Bollywood outpouring love for Sushant Singh Rajput is the ultimate hypocrisy

Sushant Singh Rajput’s death shocked the nation, especially Bollywood as stars took to social media to pay their tribute to the young actor. Now many questioned as to why everyone is so concerned now and not when he was alive. Why no one in the Bollywood industry helped him in his career and now faking their sadness on his demise.

Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan believes that people are trying to gain some mileage from Sushant’s tragedy, whether it be to show compassion, interest or even a political stance. In an interview, Saif spoke about how a day of silence or introspection out of respect for Sushant is more becoming than the outpouring of love from people who obviously didn’t care about him. “We don’t care about anybody. You know, it’s a very cutthroat line of work. But to pretend that you do care is like the ultimate hypocrisy and I think that’s an insult to the dead, you know, it’s an insult to the soul that’s gone. I think the least we can do is just have some introspection, you know, maybe some silence – not try and come across as, you know, the most politically astute or the kindest or the wisest or something or the other? Some angles have spun off in all directions, you know? And I think that’s just really, really sad.” the 49-year-old actor staunchly continued.

Saif added that to take any stand at the moment which is anything other than sorrow is manipulating the situation. Such people look at this period of grief as an opportunity to take a shot at somebody. Khan feels sad that “film people can’t think beyond films” and assume this terrible thing that happened to Sushant was because of his films. However, there is so much more to life and maybe Sushant was upset about other things in his life, a personal reason, which had nothing to do with films. “If you can’t see beyond that, you will put everything on that – the movies you do,” Saif concluded.

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