Salman Khan and Niketan Madhok possess; Lulia says supermodels

The famous superstar Salman Khan is currently self-quarantined in his Panvel farmhouse in Mumbai. He is still busy making headlines in this amid lockdown. He is staying with his close friends like lulia Vantur (girlfriend), Jacqueline Fernandez (actress), Waluscha De Sousa (model), and Niketan Madhok (Bigg Boss contestant).

Today Salman has posted a photo in his Instagram where he and Niketan both are posing together in his farmhouse. Niketan also posted that where Salman has shown him by gazing that something they have left.

Niketan also wrote in the caption that they also want to show the fans whatever they are looking for.

This Dabangg actor is looking dapper in a black tee with black cap, and this Ex-Bigg Boss contestant also has been seen with a green T-shirt and a black cap.

His girlfriend Lulia Vantur has commented that these two are the dapper boys who are the supermodels. This is the comment which she has posted.

Niketan was a contestant in Bigg Boss 6 and the year was 2012 to 2013. That show was hosted by the Salman Khan. Not only this, Niketan even doing the modeling in various fashion brands.

Salman had recently made the headline where he had donated food items from his production house. He has proved how to behave like a human.

He has even donated ration for those people who lost their livelihood due to lockdown. He has even shared that video also on Instagram where he has been seen loading ration into truck.

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