Samantha says, ‘Shaakuntalam is for girls, women and all family audiences’

Samantha says, ‘Shaakuntalam is for girls, women and all family audiences’

Samantha says, ‘Shaakuntalam is for girls, women and all family audiences’

Samantha Ruth Prabhu, who is all excited about the release of Shaakuntalam, said that the epic mythological film is going to be a great entertainer for girls, women and all family audiences.

Shaakuntalam is all set for grand worldwide release on April 14. Samantha was in Mumbai on April 6 to promote the Gunasekhar directorial venture. She described the epic mythological movie in glowing terms. Here are the excerpts of what the versatile actress said on the occasion:

Talking about her role in the film, Samantha said, “I was doing gritty and real roles like in ‘The Family Man 2’. Right from my childhood, I have always loved the Disney kind of genre. If I am happy, I watch Disney films. If I am sad, I watch them. Playing a Princess in a film like ‘Shaakuntalam’ was special, given that she is a symbol of perfection. It was intimidating initially to play such a role.”

The actress added, “But I have been taking challenges for the past few years. Producer Dil Raju had a lot of confidence in this script. This is a role I could only dream of as a child. I believe that’s a great endearing factor for all girls, women and families. What I felt while playing the role would be felt by the audience.”

Speaking about the content of Shaakuntalam, Samantha said, “This is not a simple story. There is love, there is betrayal, there is redemption… It was a complex character that was written many centuries ago. his film is going to be for the entire family. This hot summer, here is a film for the entire family. Let me just say, be prepared to be Disneyfied.”

Shaakuntalam marks director Gunasekhar’s comeback 8 years after the release of Rudhramadevi (2015). Talking about the director, Samantha said, “Director Gunasekhar sir, I think, is a feminist. He writes female-oriented movies somehow. He is not scared of risk-taking. He wants to narrate great stories that happen to revolve around women.”

Stylish star Allu Arjun’s daughter Arha is making her acting debut with Shaakuntalam. The six-year-old is seen playing Prince Bharata in the mythological drama. Talking about her debut, Samantha said that the little girl is her own person. “She decides things by herself. I don’t think her father (Allu Arjun) involves and is going to involve himself in her career.” The actress added, “It is going to take off differently after this movie. It’s something to look forward to. Families and children are going to connect with ‘Shaakuntalam’. And Arha’s role has come out so beautifully aside from the roles of lead characters.”

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