Sara confess: acting is an aspiration for Ibrahim, making it the reality is on him

The famous actor Saif and Amrita’s daughter Sara Ali khan, and Ibrahim Ali khan both are in the limelight, and he is making his Bollywood debut with his sister in 2018. This duo star kid has attracted more fans; not only Sara, even Ibrahim also is getting more love from fans. Ibrahim made his fans with his TikTok video. This duo is enjoying very much in this lockdown and also entertaining their fans. One of their fans wanted to know that is Ibrahim honing any acting skills for his debut.

In the Bollywood Hungama interview, Sara confesses that his brother’s TikTok videos are his acting part. They both together made TikTok video where everyone is in splits. As soon as they upload the video, it went viral, and fans started loving it. Anyways, Ibrahim very often makes this type of video, and Sara enjoys watching those. Sara also told that he is very passionate about acting, and she has also added that he did not take any training from anywhere else. As Sara told that Ibrahim and his acting both are an inspiration. He has not yet gone to college, and still, there is time to go to college. The acting, he is interested, and he is also passionate about it. Currently, he has decided to study in LA; after that, if anything else he wants to do, he will do. There are lots of hard work required for him, but he has a desire which will make him hard work.

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