Shahid Kapoor reveals two traits he dislikes about his father Pankaj Kapur

Bollywood Shahid Kapoor is a brilliant actor and this was proved by this last movie Kabir Singh which broke all records. This movie set Shahid on a new pedestal in the movie industry. Now it’s not just his movie that has helped him win millions of hearts but also with his family-man image. Shahid is the perfect husband to wife Mira Rajput and we can all see that as the duo are often seen showing each other love on social media, He is also a doting father to his kids Misha and Zain and, that’s not it. He is also a loving son to his parents Pankaj Kapur and Neelima Azim.we

Shahid shares a great bond with his father actor Pankaj Kapur who was also seen during his birthday celebrations early this year. And while Shahid is often compared to his father in several ways since his father too is an actor and Shahid even shares a friendly bond with him. However, Shahid in one of his interviews revealed there are certain things he dislikes about his father. Talking about his father Pankaj Kapur, Shahid revealed that while there are things about the veteran actor that he finds amazing, there are two traits that he doesn’t want to inherit in him as a father. Wondering what it is? Well, it’s Pankaj Kapur’s short temper and being overprotective for his kids. “He’s a bit hyper and he’s a bit over-protective. So, those are the two things that I hope I don’t do this to my child,” Shahid had stated.

Well, Shahid’s concerns are understandable but we think it’s just the concern of a father that sometimes makes them protective. Just like how Shahid is with his kids now. And overprotective is how all our fathers are aren’t they! Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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