Shobhaa De trolled for mocking Anil Deshmukh instead of Deputy CM Ajit Pawar

Shobhaa De trolled for mocking Anil Deshmukh instead of Deputy CM Ajit Pawar

Shobhaa De trolled for mocking Anil Deshmukh instead of Deputy CM Ajit Pawar

Noted writer and columnist Shobhaa De became a laugh-stock after she mocked Anil Deshmukh instead of Ajit Pawar over the Maharashtra government spending Rs 6 crore on handling of the Deputy CM’s social media account.

The Maharashtra government allotted Rs 5.98 crore for the handling of social media accounts of Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar. As per an order issued on Wednesday, an external agency was to be appointed for the handling of his Twitter, Facebook, blogger, YouTube and Instagram accounts, Soundcloud, a WhatsApp bulletin and Telegram channels.

The Maha Govt faced backlash from general public and attacks from the opposition party. Some celebs also voiced their opinions against it and Shobhaa De was one among them. She tweeted, “Excuse me, why should I as a tax payer in Maharashtra, be subsidising Deputy C.M. Anil Deshmukh’s social media account?? 6 crores, at that? @OfficeofUT.”

Shobhaa De often criticizes various issues related to both the central and state governments, which have earned a lot of haters for her. Soon after she tweeted, they jumped on the mock her for her mistake. They said that being a columnist not aware of the name of the Deputy CM of Maharashtra. They started trolling her and here are some of their replies to her:

Nandini Idnani @idnani_nandini

Hahaha yeh columnist book writer hai it’s #AjitPawar not #AnilDeshmukh One Nation..One Law

North east arrow @1Nation_1Law

What else can u expect from a JHUKI KAMAR Govt. We all miss Bala Saheb kind of decision maker… Uddhav ji don’t have it .. what a pity…

Partha Sawardekar @GuideForDubai

Right here is a classic example of why spending money on PR agencies to handle social media accounts is a sheer waste. Aunty jee seems to have hired one based in Mumbra To all trolls making mean jokes that @DeShobhaa herself has hired a bad PR agency to handle her Twitter account, Shobhaa Aunty: “Excusé moi, I operate my own Twitter a/c”.

Anksreview @AnksReview

Your tax money already funded big PR campaign of CM as well

Rakesh  @tweeple_rakesh

I am happy, she tweeted this not deleted after hours. Really proud that you have written 20 odd books, but after seeing this tweet I am not interested to read those

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