Sonia Gandhi on 74th Independence Day: There is no freedom to write, question or disagree

Congress interim President Sonia Gandhi has taken a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the India’s Independence Day, saying that his government is undemocratic and there is no freedom to write, question or disagree.

Sonia Gandhi raised the intolerance bogey on the occasion of India’s 74th Independence Day on Saturday. In a statement released to media, the Congress interim President said that the countrymen to ask what freedom means.

“Today every countryman needs to look into the conscience and ask what freedom means? Is there freedom in the country today to write, to speak, to ask questions, to disagree, to have views, to seek accountability? As a responsible opposition, it is our responsibility that we make every effort and struggle to keep India’s democratic independence intact,” said Sonia Gandhi in a statement.

Meanwhile Sonia Gandhi accused the government of being undemocratic. She alleged, “Friends, we have tested our democratic values from time to time in the last 74 years of independence and have continuously matured them. Today it seems that the government is standing contrary to democratic system, constitutional values and established traditions. It is also a test for Indian democracy.” Sonia Gandhi also spoke about the India and China face-off at Galwan valley and paid tributes to those bravehearts who laid down their lives for India. She also expressed confidence about overcoming the Covid pandemic and the economic hardships caused by it.

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