Sonia Gandhi says, China border, COVID-19 and economic crisis are results of Narendra Modi’s mismanagement

Congress President Sonia Gandhi, who held Congress Working Committee (CWC) meeting today, said that China border, COVID-19 and economic crisis are the results of Narendra Modi’s mismanagement.

Congress President Sonia Gandhi chaired the CWC meeting to discuss the important issues before the Nation. It was attended by Dr. Manmohan Singh, Rahul Gandhi and other Congress leaders attend. The meeting began with a homage to Colonel B Santosh Babu and other jawans, who laid down their lives by making the supreme sacrifice. All CWC members observed two minutes silence in their memory.

Addressing the meeting, Sonia Gandhi launched a scathing attack against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Congress President said, “India has been hit by terrible economic crisis, a pandemic of huge proportion & now a full blown crisis on the borders with China. Much of each crisis is attributed to the mismanagement of the BJP/Modi govt & the wrong policies pursued by it.”

Sonia Gandhi spoke about the economic crisis in the country and said, “The need of hour is a massive fiscal stimulus, putting money directly in the hands of the poor, protecting and nurturing the MSMEs & stimulating demand. Instead, Govt announced a hollow financial package that had a fiscal component of less than 1 per cent of GDP.”

The Congress president came down heavily upon the BJP-led government for raising oil prices. Sonia Gandhi added, “The government has added insult to injury by mercilessly raising petrol and diesel prices for 17 consecutive days, at a time when world prices of crude have fallen.”

Talking about the Coronavirus pandemic situation in the country, Sonia Gandhi said, “Despite the assurances of the Prime Minister who centralized all authority in his hands, the pandemic continues to rage. The Centre has passed the buck to the state governments, but given them zero extra finances.”

Sonia Gandhi said that Narendra Modi-government has failed badly in handling the situation. She added, “Actually, the people have been left to protect themselves as best as possible. The mis-management of the pandemic will be recorded as one of the most disastrous failures of the Modi government.”

She also alleged that Narendra Modi’s leadership has also failed in revolving India-China boarder issue. She said, “Now, we have a full-blown crisis on the LAC with China. The future is yet to unfold but we hope that mature diplomacy and decisive leadership will inform the government’s actions in protecting our territorial integrity.”

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