Sonu Sood arranges flight for stranded indian students in Kyrgyzstan

During the covid19 crisis many Bollywood celebs came up and helped the migrants and everyone suffering with money and well as rations by donating to the PM cares fun. Now out of all of them Sonu Sood has been a true savior during the covid19 crisis. 

From offering his hotel in Mumbai as quarantine facility, arranging meals for people, especially those fasting during Eid to starting his mission to send migrants home during the lockdown by arranging numerous buses in March, Sonu Sood became a real life hero amongst the people in India.  Later, as trains and flights resumed, he sent multiple set of people home through these modes of travel. He also donated 25,000 face shields to Maharashtra Police recently, apart from launching a platform for migrants to search jobs.

And that’s not the end. Sonu Sood is still making headlines for his initiatives and it is no longer restricted to just India. In the latest gesture, Sonu arranged a flight for stranded Indian students stuck in Kyrgyzstan. For the last few days, the 46-year-old had been asking those stuck in Kyrgyzstan to send him the details for him to make the arrangements to help them to return to India. On Thursday, the first flight left for Varanasi. Sharing a photo of the commuters, Sonu shared that he was ‘feeling happy’ over the flight and thanked  SpiceJet for making his ‘mission’ successful’. There is another flight arranged on Friday, and the actor urged the students to send the details, before concluding with, ‘Jai Hind.’

Its safe to say that now when someone thinks of getting help during covid19 the first person that comes to their mind is Sonu Sood and why not? This person has literally put all his hardwork to help the ones who are in need during this crisis without asking anything in return. We must all thank Sonu Sood for his efforts.

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