Sonu Sood wins hearts as he launches a helpline to arrange journeys for stranded people

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a tough time for all the migrant workers as they are the ones who have been affected the worst due to the lockdown. Many of them have lost their jobs and have no means to earn a living to support their family. They have been trying to go back to their villages as staying in the cities has not been helpful to them. Now many Bollywood celebs have come to the rescue by providing them basic needs like food to help them survive. 

One such ‘hero’ who is winning praises, not just in India, but even abroad has been Sonu Sood. The actor has taken up the job of sending migrant workers and others stuck in Mumbai to their homes in other cities by arranging buses. Apart from the praises from netizens, which include numerous memes that has been terming him as a ‘hero’, Sonu being hailed by actors, sportspersons, police officers and even politicians. After arranging buses to states like Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar and Kerala,  Sonu plans to send more such people to their homes.

The actor has also been making headlines for responding to netizens who have been tweeting to him. Not just assuring them that they will soon be reunited with their families, he has also been urging them to send details so that he can make the required arrangements. Now, to ease the process further, Sonu has launched a helpline, so that the people stranded can register themselves to go back home soon. Sharing the news on Twitter, Sonu wrote to his brothers of the labor force, “If you are in Mumbai and if you wish to go back home, then you can call on this number 18001213711. Please share how many people are seeking to return home, the place where you are stranded, and your destination. I and my team will try our level best to help out.

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