Sri Sri Ravi Shankar gives advise to Sonakshi Sinha on how to deal with trolls

Being a Bollywood celebrity has its perks and fans love you for your roles but there is also a downside. When a Bollywood celeb makes a mistake, it is also blown out of proportion and many people end up trolling them all over social media. One such not so lucky celeb was Sonakshi Sinha.  Back in 2019, Sonakshi appeared on the Amitabh Bachchan-hosted quiz show “Kaun Banega Crorepati” and was asked for whom did Hanuman bring Sanjeevani Booti in the Ramayan and Sonakshi couldn’t give the answer instantly. The trolling began soon after. “Names of few people from #SonakshiSinha’s family: Shatrughan (Dad), Luv (Brother), Kush (Brother), Ram (Uncle), Lakshman (Uncle), Bharat (Uncle), name of her father’s residence: RAMAYANA. Now watch this video to know why #YoSonakshiSoDumb is trending,” a person had tweeted following the episode.

It’s been five months after the incident and Sonakshi is still trolled for the incident. She spoke about the incident recently in a live interaction with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar where she shared the details of the incident. “I participated with a contestant. A question was asked on Sanjeevani Booti, and for a moment, both Ruma (the contestant) and I went blank. Honestly, it was a bit embarrassing since we have grown up reading and watching Ramayan. But it was really long ago,” the actress recalled. She said it’s disheartening that people still troll her over “one honest mistake”. The spiritual leader advised her to not take the trolls seriously and said that people often try to find mistakes in others, so she should take it positively that they were only harping on one mistake and not more.

Well, no one says it better than Sri Sri Ravi Shanka and it is true. Often people find mistakes in others and think they themselves are flawless but that’s not true. Everyone makes mistakes and it’s okay to make one. That’s what makes us all human in the end.

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