Sundar Pichai commits Google to uphold racial equality and support black community

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google Inc, had last month announced on their platform that they will come up with a unique solution to develop products and campaigns to promote the black community. He took upon himself to explain what he means by it and yesterday released a statement about what Google will do to achieve racial equality in their company as well as in the world. He said that his search for answers about the structural and systemic racism against Black people began with him questioning and listening to the personal accounts of members of their Black Leadership Advisory Group and the Black+ Googlers community. He said that he understood and sympathized with them about the inequality of opportunities in every aspect of their lives. He has asked his fellow employees at Google to come forward during this time of crisis and raise their voice and bring meaningful change. He enforced on 5 points that the company will take to ensure equity and to check whether progress is being achieved.

  • First, to work to improve Black+ representation at senior levels in the company and to improve leadership representation of underrepresented groups by 30% by 2025.their inclusion will help them make better products for people around the world. Second, he promised to do more to address representation challenges and focus on hiring, retention, and promotion at all levels and for that, he set up talent liaison consisting of members from the Black+ community at Google.
  • Third, to work to create a stronger sense of inclusion and belonging for Googlers in general and our Black+ community in particular. He will ensure psychological safety and raise a feeling of belonging in the work environment.
  • Fourth, to establish a range of anti-racism educational programs that are global in view and able to scale to all Googlers. 
  • Fifth, to focus on better support for the mental, physical health and well-being of our Black+ community.

Google also announced $175 million in economic opportunity packages for black business owners and are working on providing them with a tag of ‘black-owned’ on google to support their businesses. Google is also working on their hate and harassment policy across all their platforms. The steps taken by Google will encourage other companies to come forward and support the black community.

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