Sushant Singh Rajput’s father’s lawyer alleges Mumbai Police is ‘buying time’ to ensure evidence is destroyed

Sushant Singht Rajput’s case has been in the news since the past 2 months and everyday seems like a new turn in the investigation. Latest turn of events are when Bihar CM Nitish Kumar revealed that his government is seeking CBI probe in the late actor’s case. Sushant’s father has apparently given consent for a CBI investigation. Sushant’s father’s lawyer Vikas Singh reacted to Nitish Kumar’s CBI probe recommendation and alleged that Mumbai Police is trying to make time for evidence to be destroyed. 

In a statement, Sushant’s family lawyer, Vikas Singh reacted to the quarantining of SP Vinay Tiwari by BMC officials and CM Nitish Kumar’s CBI probe request. On Bihar CM Nitish Kumar’s statement, Sushant’s family lawyer said, “Basically, Mumbai Police is buying time to ensure that the evidence gets destroyed. So we decided that this matter should be given to CBI and Nitish Kumar had earlier promised that if the father wants a CBI probe, it will be handed it over to CBI.” On quarantining Vinay Tiwari, SP Patna Central, he said, “I don’t think any state govt would have quarantined an enforcement officer. Quarantining of a police officer clearly means they want to disable or obstruct the investigation by Patna police.”

Meanwhile, the Bombay High Court was scheduled to hear the PIL filed for transfer of Sushant Singh Rajput’s case to CBI on Tuesday. However, due to heavy rains, that has been postponed by the apex court. A day back, Mumbai Police Commissioner revealed various aspects of Sushant’s case investigation done by them and said that 56 people had already recorded their statement in the late actor’s case. The cases seem to get more confusing with each passing days but we hope and pray for justice to Sushant soon. 

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