Sushant’s ex manager Disha’s family issue a statement after her death : “Please let her rest in peace”

Bollywood actor late Sushant Singh Rajput’s former manager Disha Salian died by comitting a suicide by jumping off the 14th floor of her apartment in Malad on the night of June 8. Many rumors as to why she took her life were seen on social media and many tried to link her and Sushant’s death. Last week rumours linked Sooraj Pancholi with the death of Disha. However, Sooraj cleared in an interview, “I don’t even know Disha. I never met her in my life. I only knew about her after her death, and then later Sushant’s death, that too through social media. I’d never interacted, don’t know what she even looked like.”

Now, Salian family has issued an official statement, in which they have urged people to stop spreading “unnecessary rumors, conspiracy theories and speculations” surrounding her death which they claim are “hampering the well being of her parents and close ones.”

“Whoever is reading this, you may or may not be knowing us and Disha in person. But we all have one thing in common. We all are humans and have the ability to feel. Thus we hope you all understand our pain. We lost someone we loved. The loss is too deep and grave to be processed. It’s a difficult situation for us as we are still trying to come to terms with her demise. But at the same time, what’s more upsetting are the several unnecessary rumors, conspiracy theories and speculations that are not just fake but are also hampering the well being of her parents and close ones. While we continue to grieve our loss, we have only one request to everyone. Kindly help us heal by not encouraging, entertaining or spreading the fake rumors and news circulating around on social media by people who clearly have turned insensitive and are trying to take advantage of someone’s death for their own vested interests. Disha was someone’s daughter, someone’s sister and someone’s friend. You all have someone who is fulfilling these roles in your lives. Look at them and tell us, how would you be feeling if same would be happening to your dear ones.Empathy is the basic quality that makes us human. So let’s be human first. Please let her Rest in Peace and let’s spread kindness.”

– Salian Family & Friends

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