Swara Bhaskar asks, ‘Why are people on Twitter hating Rahul Gandhi’s series of interactions with experts?

Bollywood actress Swara Bhaskar, who is an admirer of Rahul Gandhi, is upset with the people on Twitter, who are hating the former Congress president’s recent series of interactions with the experts.

With the Indian economy fallen down due to the sudden lockdown, Rahul Gandhi held a series of interactions with economists, experts, industrialists and others since March. The former Congress leader went on to expose the failure of Narendra Modi-led government in his chats with former RBI governor Raghuram Rajan, economist Abhijit Banerjee and industrialist Rajiv Bajaj

But many looked down upon Rahul Gandhi’s initiative and trolled him heavily on social media. Talking about it, Swara Bhaskar tweeted, “Why r people on Twitter hating on @RahulGandhi‘s series of interactions with experts of different fields. They are informative & provide relevant perspectives on current crises & situations. As for politics- I think it’s a pretty ace opposition move- a politician who listens!

Swara Bhaskar’s tweet has gone viral with 4,000 retweets and 23,300 likes. Over 2,600 people responded to her tweet and shared their views on the question asked by her. People from the left-wing said that those, who are hating Rahul Gandhi’s chats, are working for the BJP’s IT cell and busy spreading hatred against him.

On the other hand, the people from the right-wing said that the Congress leader is neither an expert nor doing the real interaction, as he nods to everything his guest speak. They added that the series of interactions is Rahul Gandhi’s PR stunts and it does not do anything good to society.

Bhau ka Fan @BhauKaFan

Let’s talk facts: Rahul Gandhi is not an economist / Health official or any other govt officer. He doesn’t even have basic sense to understand and reply them. All he is doing is listening and nodding his head saying hmm hmm. This itself proves that he is braindead. And secondly he is doing this type of interviews for PR stunts & expecting that reputed persons will praise him. But only trashes like you are praising. His approval rating is below 1% Instead of doing these type of things why don’t Pappu interact with his constituency?

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