Swara Bhaskar doesn’t like to watch Rasbhari with her Father: How can she expect other families to watch?

The internet can be a cruel place especially when you’re a celebrity. As a celebrity they are being scrutinized for every little thing be it their performance in the movies, the kind of clothes they wear, what the upload or respond on social media. Now Swara Bhaskar is one celeb who has always been under scrutiny by the netizens as she has always been upfront about her feelings and has never held back from voicing her opinions. This has landed her into a lot of controversy in the Bollywood industry but it never really affected the actress.  

Recently Swara took to Twitter to announce the release of her new web series Rasbhari on Amazon Prime. The series ‘Rasbhari’ is the story of a boy who falls for his teacher (Swara) and also involves social drama on the witch hunt of the teacher’s supposed “sex-obsessed” alter ego: Rasbhari. The trailer had already created a stir on social media and to add to it the netizens also found another reason to create a controversy around Swara and her new series.  Swara’s father had shared the trailer of the series and commented that he was proud of her versatile performance in the film. To that Swara replied by asking her dad not to watch ‘Rasbhari’ in her presence. “Daddy, please don’t watch it when I am around,” tweeted Swara. This tweet exchange about the film between father and daughter didn’t go down well with netizens. They started trolling Swara after her father said he was proud of her daughter’s performance in a film containing adult content. People also mocked her about the fact that if she can’t see her dad watching such a series then how does she expect other people to watch it.

There has been no response from Swara on this and as far as we can see this entire controversy has only gotten more publicity for her and her new series! Have you seen the trailer? Let us know your thoughts about it in the comments section below.

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