Swiggy, Zomato to start delivering alcohols to certain cities

As we all know  swiggy, Zomato  are very famous platforms used for delivering food at our desired time.these two apps mare most in use when it comes fo ordering food from outside. People also find it quite easy to use and reliable too. But as we know due to lockdown as everything got shut down and closed, these deliveries were also stopped in the timespan of lockdown which created problems in many areas especially for people who were stuck  in outside places other than their home, and also for people who stays outside for studies,jobs.

But after the beginning of lockdown 4.0 with relaxable rules for business mans, shops, these services again got started in no time and people also started ordering food again. 

Shops and restaurants are also taking proper precautions before delivering orders to their respective places. The swiggy, Zomato delivery boys are properly checked by  a corona detector gun before handing over the order to them.They also make sure to sanitize their hands and themselves properly before picking up the order.

 Recently, they started doorstep delivery of alcohols in the state of jharkhand through ‘wine shops category’ on these apps. The service has begun in Ranchi and the company said it plans to expand it to other cities within a week.

Zomato said they will go.live in Ranchi today and seven other cities in Jharkhand over the next couple of days.

This comes after weeks after government allows to sale liquor during the countryside lockdown led to long queues and overcrowding outside wine shops which is not at a safe.so, to avoid this kind of huge gathering government gave permission to swiggy and Zomato to deliver alcohol at doorsteps, which is actually a very wise decision taken by govt , as this might lessen the chance of spread of coronavirus through huge crowd. Soon, this service will be activated properly in many states in very small amount of time. So stay safe,stay home, and order your essentials including alcohol from Zomato and swiggy only, try not to step out of house without extreme need.

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