Taapse Pannu comes out in ‘friend’ Anurag Kashyap’s support; Calls him the ‘biggest feminist’ she knows

Bollywood producer Anurag Kashyap is making the headlines and this time it is related to the “me too” movement which seems like is back in the industry as many are coming front and talking about their experiences. Payal Ghosh has accused Anurag of sexually harassing her and claimed that the filmmaker made her feel uncomfortable. Needless to say, Payal’s allegations raised a lot of eyebrows and Anurag has come on the radar of the netizens who are demanding action in the case.

Amid this, Anurag’s close friend Taapsee Pannu has come out in his support and called him one of the biggest feminists. She shared a picture of herself with Anurag wherein she was seen having her hand on the filmmaker’s shoulder. Taapse also mentioned that she would like to see him on the sets once again. She wrote, “For you, my friend, are the biggest feminist I know. See you on the sets soon of yet another piece of art that shows how powerful and significant women are in the world you create.”

Meanwhile, Anurag Kashyap had also dismissed Payal’s allegations and called them baseless. In a series of tweets, the filmmakers stated, “What happened, you took a long time to attempt to silence me. No problem. In an attempt to silence me, you said too much dragging other women in it, being a woman yourself. Should have shown some respect, madam! Right now, I will only say that all the allegations levelled against me are baseless. Also, while putting allegations at me, dragging other actresses and the Bachchan family was a bad move. Yes, Madam, I have been married twice. If that is a crime, then I accept it. I have fallen in love many-a-times and I accept it.”


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