Taapsee Pannu: We as a society have become frustrated, judgmental and insensitive

It’s been a rough few months for everyone since the pandemic beginning and social media has been super negative with all the Bollywood controversies and many have felt it’s been really toxic. Actor Taapsee Pannu feels that things have taken a turn for the worse in the recent times, something that even she did not see coming. The 33-year-old shares how people have lost their way and a lot of anger has seeped in.

“We’ve become more frustrated, we’re ready to jump to judgmental conclusions about anyone and everyone , we’ve lost the sensitivity and heart towards people and situations. We have some kind of pent up anger in us for whatever reasons which we are trying to vent out in our lives on anyone and any issue without being mindful of what repercussions it may have,” she explains. On what Pannu thinks may have been responsible for this change in human behaviour, she says, “May be because of the joblessness that we all have had for the last few months and that’s the irritation and frustration and that has what has made us do angry about everything around but something has definitely gone wrong.”

However, calling herself a “hopeless optimist”, she still believes that when lives will get back to normal “we will realise what the hell we were doing all this while and probably gain better consciousness and get back to a better life.” Taapsee also says that history is proof that change is constant and the citizens have and will always retaliate in a certain way. “There always has been some kind of a turmoil every few years in our country where the citizens are pushed to the wall. And when they are pushed to the wall, eventually there came a break point where a revolt started and certain kind of change happened,” she concludes.

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