The gold price has fallen, and this is the third day

Gold prices have gone down where silver price has also has come down. On MCX June month, gold price will even fall 0.33% to Rs 43,232 per 10 gram. It is declining, and today is the third day. Silver future price gains 0.3% to Rs 39.925 per kg, and it is getting crashed.

After raising the gold price finally, it has fallen down and that it is continuing till this moment. On this April, gold value will increase by 0.75% to Rs. 41,900 per 10 gram and in this June it may be slipped 0.4% to Rs 42,650 per 10 gram.

In market gold and silver continued their gaining streak. On this Tuesday, it has become a risky assets which are like equitie,s and it is maintaining high demand.

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