Taimur joined dad Saif Ali Khan during a live interview

Since everyone’s at home due to the quarantine, the paps haven’t been able to catch up as to what the celebs are up to. Everyone seems to be missing the celebs and their updttes but most are missing paparazzi’s favorite, Taimur Ali Khan. The little Pataudi is spending his quarantine with mom Kareena Kapoor and dad Saif Ali Khan. 

Well if you’re a fan of the Lil munchkin, he was recently seen live on TV. Taimur one joined father Saif during a live chat from his home. Yes, and unsurprisingly, Tamiur stole all the limelight from Saif during the interview. 

It so happened that Saif was occupied in an interview via a video call talking sharing his views on the lockdown, Coronavirus spread and the dire need to plan resources. In the middle of Saif’s conversation with the anchor of the leading channel, little Taimur decided to come up and say hi to Saif. On hearing Taimur, the reporter requested Saif to let Taimur come say hi and so Saif then picked Taimur in his arms and put him on his lap. But much to everyone’s surprise, Taimur had a hulk mask on which Saif quickly removed and made everyone go ‘awww’.

Taimur looked baffled and couldn’t understand where the anchor’s voice was coming from. He repeatedly asked Saif, ‘Where is she? Where are you?’ to which the anchor sweetly replied on your TV screen. Later, Saif apologized to the anchor for the chaos and disturbance, However, the anchor inquired if Taimur was missing the paparazzi. To which Saif replied, ‘I don’t think so, no.’ Well, Taimur might not miss the paps but the paps sure are missing Taimur and him waving at them every time they took his photograph. Well let us all hope the pandemic gets over soon and we get see Taimur often on the internet!

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