Tejashwi Yadav’s arrest is Nitish Sarkar’s conspiracy to save murder accused MLA, #WeSupport_Tejashwi trend

The followers of RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav are upset with his arrest before he visited Gopalgunj. They say that it is Nitish Sarkar’s conspiracy to save murder accused MLA and trend #WeSupport_Tejashwi on Twitter.

Tejashwi Yadav had demanded action against JD(U) MLA Amrendra Kumar Pandey alias Pappu Pandey for his alleged involvement in the firing in which three people were killed and an RJD activist sustained injuries. On Tuesday, the RJD leader set a two-day deadline for the Bihar government for taking action, failing which he said a march will be taken out from Patna to Gopalganj.

The Bihar Police made strict security arrangements outside his house after Tejaswi Yadav on Thursday announced that he would travel to Gopalganj in the triple murder case. The Police stopped the RJD leader on Friday for violating lockdown while scores of supporters violated of social distancing norms outside his residence. This led to high drama outside his home

The Nitish Kumar-led state government has denied permission for Tejashwi Yadav to visit Gopalganj. The son of former Bihar Chief Minister spoke to media and said that it is a conspiracy to save the criminals. “There is no house arrest order against me. Lockdown is only for MLAs while criminals are allowed to move freely,” the ANI quoted him as saying.

Tejashwi Yadav’s fans were furious with this development. They took to Twitter slam the state government. They trended hashtag #WeSupport_Tejashwi and alleged that it is Nitish Sarkar’s conspiracy to save his MLA Pappu Pandey, who is accused of murder. Here is some of their comments.

Abhishek Raj Yadav @Rjy_abhishek

Today @yadavtejashwi ji is going to meet the victims of Gopalganj massacre.Before that, a large number of police forces are being deployed outside their residence and efforts are being made to stop them.The RJD is a just party fighting against injustice. #WeSupport_Tejashwi

Priyanka Bharti @priyanka2bharti

In Bihar there is no democracy, rather fascism rules. We condemn the anti democratic actions of ruling party What does stopping of @yadavtejashwi ji symbolises? It shows that this government is incompetent, authoritarian and anti humanitarian. #WeSupport_Tejashwi @RJDforIndia

KIRTI @alokkirti1990

Another conspiracy by Nitish Sarkar to save his MLA accused of murder, Nitish Sarkar wants to stop Tejashwi Yadav ji even before going to Gopalganj. #WeSupport_Tejashwi

Vishal Yadav @VishalY74298958

On the direction of Bihar CM @NitishKumar ji ,his police come to arrest honourable leader of opposition Shri @yadavtejashwi ji because our leader Tejashwi ji raising voice against crime. #WeSupport_Tejashwi

Mrityunjay kumar @MRITYUNJAYENG

Criminals are so free that massacres are happening in broad daylight but @yadavtejashwi isn’t allowed to meet victim’s family!!!! #WeSupport_Tejashwi

Abhira @Abhi9v007

Nitish performed badly in Covid crisis. Mass rape(balika Grih) happens in his tenure and he does everything 2 save influential culprits. But he puts his police on super active mode 2 stop @yadavtejashwi frm visiting victim family! What a shameless CM Nitis is! #WeSupport_Tejashwi

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