Tejasvi Surya hits back at HD Kumaraswamy and asks him to delete his tweets against Narendra Modi-led Govt

Tejasvi Surya hits back at HD Kumaraswamy and asks him to delete his tweets against Narendra Modi-led Govt

Tejasvi Surya hits back at HD Kumaraswamy and asks him to delete his tweets against Narendra Modi-led Govt

BJP MP Tejasvi Surya has hit back at ex-Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy for alleging Narendra Modi-led government of showing paritility towards the state with regard to providing Covid-19-related medicine and oxygen. He has asked the latter to delete his imaginary tweets.

Days after several people died in the state due to lack of oxygen, the Narendra Modi-led government sent 120 MT of oxygen to the state. The state government had announced to provide vaccines to the people of the age-group between from 18 to 45 from May 10. But it was stopped on May 12 due to lack of vaccines in the state, which has left many people across the state red face.

Ever since BS Yeddiyurappa-led state government has been facing a lot of criticism from opposition party and general public for its inability to handle the situation. JDS leader HD Kumaraswamy took to his Twitter account today to slam the central government. In a series of tweets, the former CM of Karnataka alleged that the Narendra Modi-led government is biased toward the state and it deserves no respect.

Here is the series of tweets posted by HD Kumaraswamy:

Despite the court’s order to supply 1,200 MT of oxygen to Karnataka, all that the Centre gave the state is only 120 MT. The Centre has displayed the height of partiality by providing 1,680 MT of oxygen to Uttar Pradesh though it has fewer COVID cases compared to us… Have Kannadigas become orphans in this federal structure? The bias attitude of the Centre with respect to Karnataka has been exposed by the statistics furnished by the government itself.

Why the Centre has so much contempt against Karnataka and Kannadigas? Is it due to the fact that Karnataka has elected highest MPs for the BJP or is it an effort to project Yediyurappa as a villain?

The Centre which is showing serious bias against Karnataka should understand clearly that it is functioning under a federal structure. Those running the government under federal structure should give equal priority to all the states. It is an obligation on the part of the government to take care of the needs of those in dire situation. Instead, if you show indifference, people are bound to revolt.

The Chief Secretary himself has expressed helplessness with respect to availability of vaccines. He has said that those wanting to take the first dose will have to wait as priority would be given to those taking the second dose in the wake of Centre supplying only… 7 lakh doses to Karnataka as against the request to provide 3 crore doses. This has proved that the Centre is showing an attitude of bias even with respect to vaccines.

Are those supporting as well as defending every stand and decision of the BJP and criticizing even the just demands and suggestions of the Opposition parties ready to defend such an injustice being inflicted on Karnataka and Kannadigas?… Will they own up responsibility for a large number of Kannadigas losing their lives due to the shortage of oxygen?

Though the Centre gave only 120 MT of oxygen as against the Court instruction of 1200 MT, the Union Ministers and BJP MPs have fallen over to congratulate PM Narendra Modi and thank him for giving oxygen… Why should we express our gratitude when even our rightful share has been cut? The BJP leaders and supporters should shun such an attitude of slavery and sycophancy.

The Centre should shun the arrogance that comes from the belief that it is most powerful and instead take measures to fulfil the genuine requirements of Karnataka. It has to realise that it is actually running the govt in a federal structure… Similarly those defending even the blunders of the Centre should first understand that they are Kannadigas.

Tejasvi Surya, the BJP MP from Bangalore South was furious with HD Kumaraswamy’s allegations. He took to his Twitter page to slam the latter. He claimed that the central government has provided 1075 MT of oxygen to Karnataka, but Kumaraswamy is aware of only 1 Oxy Express train arrived in Bangalore on May 11.

In a series of tweets, Tejasvi Surya replied to HD Kumaraswamy and translation of his Kannada posts read, “The Dear Kumaran, It is good to know the truth before doing imaginary tweets. Karnataka has been provided with a total of 1015 + 60 = 1075 MT of oxygen by the central government and you are referring to only 1 Oxy Express train arrived in Bangalore on May 11th.”

Tejasvi Surya continued, “Prime Minister Shri @narendramodi -led central government has provided Covid-19-related grants to all the states as per their necessity. It has provided a timely response by increasing from 300 MT (as on 15.4.2021) to 1015 MT (11.5.2021) following the growing number of cases.”

The BJP MP from South Bangalore concluded, “I am bringing the recommendation letter related to providing 1015 MT of oxygen to Karnataka to your notice. I hope that you will delete your tweet after seeing this. I request you to stop misguiding people with the wrong information.”

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